Our Brands


TrioPharm Ltd. has developed a network of global product pharmacy supply, marketing and distribution that allows our partners to have a strong presence in the targeted countries.

Close collaboration with many world-class GMP compliant and EU & US-FDA inspected and approved manufacturers gives us advantage in the area of cost, quality and documentation. At the same time we provide a very wide product range and full support for our products.

Our activities cover every stage of the pharmaceutical value chain, from product development through to commercialization. Whatever we do, we combine highest quality standards with a strong customer focus. Providing high quality at an affordable price to all is the key to our success as a company.

LaCorium Health

LaCorium Health is a privately owned and operated company based in Sydney, Australia with a focus on developing high quality, innovative and efficacious health care products which are distributed globally. For over 20 years, our business has dedicated its energy and resources to marketing superior health care solutions around the world. By working in close collaboration with specialised medical professionals, we develop and manufacture functional products with unique, advanced formulations that are effective and affordable for consumers and their families.

Since its establishment in 1990, LaCorium Health has created a portfolio of quality brands that cater to customers’ various needs and expectations. Presently, our innovative product ranges are distributed in over 40 countries worldwide through pharmacies, health food stores, grocery chains, online merchants and other leading retailers.


Since 1934 the Gardiner family have been making traditional family skincare products over three generations since Joseph Gardiner created the first Family Apothecary in Ireland.

Since then, we have pioneered scientific advances in dermatological skincare in our Irish research and manufacturing facility.

All of our dermatological formulations are safety tested to the highest international Pharma standards and independently certified. This is why our formulations are trusted and recommended by pharmacists and medical professionals for the treatment and management of chronic skin conditions.

Ovelle has strong links with medical professionals and is a long term supplier into hospitals and aid agencies world wide.

Our expertise in making traditional Ovelle apothecary products like Silcock’s Base, Aqueous Cream and Emulsifying Ointment allowed us to draw on dermatological advances in skincare to create Elave sensitive skincare which helps prevent flare up of sensitive including eczema, dermatitis and rosacea prone skin.