Reef is a pioneering Swiss beauty engineering company dedicated to redefining skincare and cosmetics through cutting-edge technology and innovation. Established with a passion for merging science with luxury, Reef designs and manufactures state-of-the-art beauty devices that cater to discerning individuals worldwide. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every product, ensuring unparalleled effectiveness, quality, and aesthetic appeal. With a vision to transform beauty rituals into transformative experiences, Reef combines Swiss precision with a deep understanding of skincare to deliver products that elevate both performance and luxury standards in the industry.


Here is a list of Products made by Reef

Capillary Plus

A rich jelly cream ideal for severe conditions of heaviness, swelling and tiredness due to excess weight, pregnancy, long flight trips, strong heat, heavy sporting activities.

Excellent for geriatric legs and feet suffering from thin epidermis, capillary fragility and poor circulation, causing fluid retention in tissues.

It helps to improve micro-circulation, lymph-drainage and veins elasticity, it protects the vessels and is effective against capillary fragility, thus visibly supporting the reduction of swelling.

It helps to relieve the symptoms of Heavy Legs Syndrome, a physical condition usually caused by poor circulation.


Highly effective medicated cream to treat feet suffering from high perspiration, skin maceration and subsequent bad odor formation.

The powerful active ingredient acts against hyperhidrosis, regulating sweating and humidity, minimizing bacterial proliferation caused by sweat decomposing micro-organisms, protecting the skin from fungal infections and itching between the toes.

The non-greasy texture leaves a pleasant “dry effect” on the skin, very often oily.

With its antiperspirant, absorbing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action the product is perfect for swimming pools, saunas and fitness centers/gyms.

Blister Shield

The watery-rich compound helps to create an invisible, protective film, smoothing the skin, reducing friction and rubbing and cushioning the bruised skin or preventing the formation of blisters.

It acts as a second skin, it leaves no residues on socks and shoes, it allows the skin to breathe Suitable for hands too.

Essential in any situation in which friction might occur, potentially causing discomfort, such as: wearing uncomfortable shoes (boots or high heels or work shoes), breaking in new shoes, running, cycling or dancing, during sport activities, when using gardening tools, tennis rackets.

Very practical roll-on applicator: thanks to its small size it is ideal to be carried in your bag for emergency when outside

Fungal SOS

2 in 1 action: prevention + soothing of the Tinea Pedis (usually known as Athlete’s Foot) and other common fungal skin conditions, such as candidal intertrigo (usually known as sweat rash), ringworm (Tinea Corporis) and jock or dhobie itch (Tinea Cruris)

1. It reinforces the natural barrier function and the resilience of the skin, preventing the formation of fungus;

2. It relieves itching, irritation, soreness, scaling, burning and cracking sensations which are often linked to the Athlete’s Foot infection and it prevents the conditions to spread.

The creamy texture is quickly absorbed and does not leave any residues or greasy sensation on skin.

Toenail Repair

This precious oily blend exerts a whitening, revitalizing and softening action, cleansing and strengthening distressed toenails. Non-sticky, it dries out very quickly, leaving a glossy coating, thus “cosmetically” improving the appearance of the nails. The special film-building agent inside the formula “traps” the functional active ingredients, thus allowing a more efficient uptake.

Suitable for toenails prone to thickening and yellow discoloration, conditions often related to drugs’ side effect, overuse of aggressive nail polishes, eczema, heavy smoking.

The highly-technical and specific active ingredients can help in the treatment of toenail disorders, such as onychomycosis and fungal infections, when scaliness and brittleness appear, debris under the nail build up and a distorted nail shape occurs.